A fine Georgian mahogany stick barometer by Manticha, London.

A fine Georgian mahogany stick barometer by Manticha, London.

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H: 39" (99.1 cm)


Dominick Manticha, London. c.1790-1800.

A fine Georgian mahogany stick barometer by this sought after early London maker, Dominick Manticha, c.1790-1800.
The case is mahogany veneered in the herring bone pattern and fitted with a broken pediment top. A particularily good feature is the glazed door, it is nicely shaped to match the shoulders of the case and edged with the same chequer stringing as the rest of the case. The exposed tube is fitted with an early bulb cistern tube which is concealed by a turned mahogany cistern cover with ebony and ivory roundel decoration. The silvered brass register plate is fitted with a manually operated vernier and engraved with the makers name, 'D. Manticha, Fecit'. The register plate also has a pair of Masonic symbols, a set of compasses and a square engraved, Manticha is known to have made other barometers bearing Masonic symbols.

Dominick Manticha was one of the leading group of the earliest Italian barometer makers, (including J.M Ronketti, Joseph Somalvico and James Gatty) that migrated into England in the last quarter of the 18th century,
he is listed as working from 1781-1805. (See Nicholas Goodison, English Barometers, 1680-1860 p.176-178).

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