Rare early 19thC mahogany angle barometer. Bellatti, Grantham.

Rare early 19thC mahogany angle barometer. Bellatti, Grantham.

Code: 10075


H: 38" (96.5 cm)W: 24" (61 cm)


Louis Bellatti, Grantham. c.1825.

Very rare, early 19thC mahogany angle barometer of unusual design by Louis Bellatti, Grantham.
The mahogany veneered case with moulded edges, hinged glazed door protecting the scale, shaped pediment and hemispherical turned cistern cover.
The silvered plate is well engraved with a scale registering 28"-31" over a length of 14", this gives the movement of the mercury a magnification of 4 1/2 times. The scale plate is fitted with a manually operated marker and signed 'L.Bellatti, Grantham'. An unusual feature for an angle barometer is the glazed hinged door which protects the plate.
Louis Bellatti is recorded as operating from High Street Grantham from at least 1822 and was a noted maker of angle barometers.
(This barometer is illustrated in Edwin Banfield's ' The Italian Influence On English Barometers From 1780' page 107.)

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