Restoration & Repair

We offer a full restoration service for mercury barometers. All aspects of the barometer can be restored including case and wood work, dials cleaned and resilvered, replacement tubes supplied and fitted, tubes emptied and refilled, new glasses supplied and fitted. When parts are missing we try to source old parts of the correct style and period or new high quality replacements cast from original period components. We can have new tubes and thermometers hand blown to match individual barometers and scales where necessary. Other than any glass blowing, all the restoration work is carried out by us.

If you have a barometer that you would like repairing you can arrange to bring it into the workshop based in Derby or we do offer a home visit/collection service for more local customers. We understand that people are often wary of transporting mercury barometers and therefore offer a collection and delivery service for repairs, a charge has to be made for the service and varies depending on distance etc.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss your barometer, please ring Aaron on 07581 725 667.

Dollond stick barometer dial before silvering

After silvering.

Nairne stick barometer before.

Nairne, after.